More T20 Mumbai players will be in the IPL next year, reckons Tendulkar

The League Ambassador added that the talent needs to be nurtured for players to deliver.

The second Season of T20 Mumbai was conducted with great aplomb, unearthing a new bunch of youngsters who could go own to make it big. While Dhrumil Matkar bagged the most wickets, Kruthik Hanagavadi and Deepak Shetty bagged the best emerging and development awards respectively and emerged as some of the names that ended the season with noteworthy performances.

With results to back them up, League Ambassador Sachin Tendulkar believes that these names from the city have the potential to not only play in the Indian Premier League (IPL) but also beyond.

"Last season if you see there were three players who made it to the IPL and I have no hesitation in saying that there are going to be another 5-6 players from this season who would be playing in the 2020 IPL," Tendulkar said, referring to Shivam Dube, Shubham Ranjane and Shashank Singh who went to play in the IPL following last year's T20 Mumbai season.

"There have been some incredible performances and I could see that spark which is going to spread all over India like wildfire," he added. "Right now we have spotted that talent, but that talent needs to be nurtured and needs to be given that platform to express on a bigger platform.

"T20 Mumbai is a terrific platform for Mumbaikars. On a national level, if you can go out and do something bigger for the country, then the Mumbai Cricket Association would be proud of these players."

The former Indian captain also reserved special place for the bowlers in this franchise tournament; and commended their ability to restrict scoring rates in the shortest format of the game.

"If you saw what happened (in the final), 143 runs were defended so there was a lot that bowlers contributed to in this tournament and there have been some promising bowlers. I felt some of the left-arm spinners, some of the seamers, they all had unbelievable variations. I feel those guys who've really bowled well will be picked by a few IPL teams."

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