T20 Mumbai teams donate to help groundsmen amid lockdown

The eight team owners donated ₹1 lakh each to help groundsmen of Mumbai's maidans fight the COVID-19 outbreak.

The eight team owners of the T20 Mumbai league have pledged to donate ₹1 lakh each to aid the groundsmen of Mumbai's maidans who are facing adversity due to the COVID-19 outbreak.

The donated sum of ₹8 lakhs will be used to help the groundsmen face the economic effects of the lockdown.

Implementing the government's order to cease all sporting activities in the country, the Mumbai Cricket Association has suspended all cricket matches that were to be played between 14th March and 14th April.

The unfortunate side effect of suspending all matches is the loss of income for the groundsmen who are paid daily wages.

The groundsmen, who are tasked with the important job of preparing pitches, play a huge role in the development of the sport.

The T20 Mumbai team owners in a letter to the MCA chief, Vijay Patil, stated their concerns for the maidan clubs' groundsmen amid the lockdown.

"With the COVID-19 lockdowns, the daily wager community that is our maidan clubs' groundsmen find that their only source of income comes to a significant halt," the team owners said in the letter.

"To help them overcome this crisis, on behalf of all the T20 Mumbai league, the team owners would like to contribute Rs one lakh per team as a gesture to support many groundsmen," the letter added.

The teams comprise current champions North Mumbai Panthers, inaugural season winners Triumph Knights Mumbai North East, finalists SoBo Supersonics and Shivaji Park Lions, ARCS Andheri, NaMo Bandra Blasters and new teams Aakash Tigers Mumbai Western Suburbs and Eagle Thane Strikers.

A number of sports personalities have stepped up in these challenging times with their financial support to help those affected by the coronavirus pandemic. T20 Mumbai League Ambassador, Sachin Tendulkar, and the MCA have also contributed with donations of ₹50 lakhs each.

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