Dhrumil Matkar: We are ready for any opponent come the semi-final

The SoBo SuperSonics all-rounder is confident of his side’s chances in the tournament.

After their empathic win over Shivaji Park Lions, man-of -the-match Dhrumil Matkar sat down for the post-match press conference. This is what he had to say.

Q. Did batting first help gauge the wicket better for you and the SoBo SuperSonics?

Dhrumil Matkar: Yes, of course it was helpful. We realized that the wicket was a little bit on the slower side and it was very dry. So we knew that the ball will turn and it will go slow to the batsman.

Q. You have had a good tournament so far with many two and three-wicket hauls. Is there a conscious effort to doing something different that has helped you become successful?

Dhrumil Matkar: Well, I’m very clear on my executions and I’m very clear in my head on what lengths I’m supposed to bowl. Also, the wicket has been very helpful for the spinners so I had to raise my hand up and do it for the team.

Q. Did it help that you have played at the Wankhede several times before?

Dhrumil Matkar: Yes, of course. I even made my Ranji Trophy debut here at this stadium. I know pretty well how the wicket plays, so I was confident.

Q. Do you feel your innings of 15 runs at the death changed the tide in the favour of your team?

Dhrumil Matkar: In the middle overs, we were a little bit slow so we had to take their bowlers on. I think 33 runs came off the last two overs, and that really gave us the momentum.

Q. Considering this game was almost like a must win for SoBo SuperSonics, did your team treat it differently?

Dhrumil Matkar: No, nothing different to be honest. We just had our plans before we came into this match and we executed it well. That was all we tried to focus on.

Q. Your team is now in the semi-finals. Which team would you not like to face at that stage from the other group?

Dhrumil Matkar: Nothing on which team we’d like to avoid because we have to face whoever comes along at some point or the other. We are ready for any opponent at the semi-finals.

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